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**2024 HARVEST**

Due to a very small olive yield this year, we regret that we will not be picking any olives in 2024. Thanks for understanding.


pick your own olives

We are located in Golden Grove, South Australia.

During olive picking season (early May to late July) you are welcome to call us to make a time to visit our olive grove and pick the best olives of your choice.  We will provide harvest baskets and all necessary picking equipment.

Green olives are generally available from April/May, black olives May/June.

Please feel free to contact Anne on 0417 839 536 anytime of the year to express your interest. We can then let you know when they are in season and arrange a time for you to pick up.

Due to quarantine regulations and quality concerns, we are unable to ship our fresh olives interstate.

Pick your own olives: $6.80 per kilo (minimum charge of $10 applies)

Alternatively, we can pick fresh olives for you and have them ready to collect from the farm gate for $7.00 per kilo (min 2kg).


Available olive varieties:

Kalamata- A Greek olive made most famous for its excellent pickled olives. It can be used for oil as well as pickling. The actual cultivar of olive is the Kalamon and the word Kalamata comes from the name of the town that this style of pickled olive originated. A mild oil style.

Jumbo Kalamata- as the name suggests, a similar flavour profile to the Kalamata olive, just larger.

Manzanillo - High quality oil and pickling fruit variety (green and black). It has medium to large fruit size and is of Spanish origin. A medium oil style.

Hardy's Mammoth- a tough cultivar that bears good early season crops of large fruit very suitable for pickling. Oil content is high.

Nevadillo Blanco- A medium sized Spanish fruit variety that can be used for oil and pickling. It produces high oil content and a strong oil style.

Mission- A medium sized Spanish olive excellent for table fruit. The skin of the Mission olive turns deep purple but changes to jet-black when ripe.

Correggiola- A Tuscan Italian variety olive with small to medium fruit. Good oil content, a mild oil style.

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