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producers of high quality extra virgin olive oil and table olives in Adelaide, South Australia.

**2024 HARVEST**

Due to a very small olive yield this year, we regret that we will not be picking any olives in 2024. Thanks for understanding.

Silver Acres Olives pride ourselves on the superior quality of our olive oil and olives.

Situated in Golden Grove, a mere 20km from Adelaide city centre, Silver Acres Olive Grove is an unspoilt haven in an ever developing area.

The grove contains some 1500 mature olive trees with about a dozen different varieties including Kalamata, Manzanillo, Hardy's Mammoth, Nevadillo Blanco, Mission, Correggiola, jumbo Kalamatas and UC13’s. The trees were all selected for their various qualities, which in turn give us an exciting and unique blend of extra virgin olive oil.

Silver Acres Olives is a family business, producing only the finest quality Australian extra virgin olive oil, table olives, salt dried olives and dukkah. Our olives are grown under 'best practice' and have no chemicals added at any stage and our table olives are carefully selected and processed on the property.



Are you are interested in picking your own olives, or having us freshly pick some for you to process yourself? Whilst the fresh olives are only available for a limited time (usually may-june) please feel free to contact Anne on 0417 839 536 anytime of the year to express your interest. We can then let you know when they are in season and arrange a time for you to pick up.

Please note that our farm is open by appointment only, so please always give us a buzz if you have any questions, or want to make a time to stop by and collect oil or olives.

Remember local is always best!

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