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about silver acres

Silver Acres was originally named after the artichokes that grew on the property. Their large silver fronds would transform the landscape into a carpet of silver in the spring.

The property has been owned or leased by several old farming names of the district, including Alfred Crouch.  The Crouch's were involved with the land, which at the time was about 1000 acres, for around 50 years, running sheep and cattle.

The first historical information shows that Daniel McPharlin, and later his son Thomas Gibbons McPharlin, owned the property between 1852 and 1918. During this period, Silver Acres was leased for 5 years to John Robertson, the son of Captain Adam Robertson, whose ship, 'The Golden Grove’, the area was named after in 1842.

The property has had many uses in its time ranging from grapes, sheep and cattle to a mohair farm in the 80's.

Currently the property size is 134 acres, making it the largest remaining land parcel in Golden Grove.

In 1998 The Holloway family purchased the land with the vision of producing some of the finest quality olive products in Australia, and Silver Acres was born.

Silver Acres Olive Grove now has some 1500 mature olive trees with about a dozen different varieties including Kalamata and Manzanillo. They not only supply local olive manufacturers with fresh olives, but also produce their own brand of extra virgin olive oil and processed olives.

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